Christian G.

Christian G.

Age: 16

Christian is proud to be “country” and calls himself “an old soul”. His favorite things to do in his free time is listen to Johnny Cash, ride horses, or play baseball and would like to be a catcher. His favorite movie is “The Lone Ranger” and when asked what character he would like to play in the movie, he said “the Lone Ranger, of course”. Christian describes himself as courageous, loveable and caring. He hopes someday to be a carpenter, and build a chicken coop so he can raise chickens. He would also like to own a truck, possibly a Dodge Ram. Christian would also like to travel to Alaska in the future as he likes the cold and thinks he would love everything about Alaska.





Photo courtesy of Michelle Jones

Meet Christian - Oklahoma's Kids Belong from Oklahoma's Kids Belong on Vimeo.

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