Elise & Ilia C.

Elise & Ilia C.

Age: 16 & 15

Elise is somewhat a social butterfly and she can make friends with almost anyone.  Elise likes school and is very good at biology. She would like to teach middle school when she is grown.  She loves Colorado, her favorite vacation spot.  She would also love to meet Ariana Grande but Captain America is her favorite super hero!

Ilia is a very intelligent young girl. She loves to read and draw in her spare time.  She wants to attend the Art Institute when she finishes high school. Her favorite holiday is Halloween because she loves wearing costumes.  She likes fantasy movies and would love to visit Paris someday.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Farris

To inquire about any of our Oklahoma Heart Gallery children, please contact:

DHS by completing the agency’s online form or by calling 1-800-376-9729.