Famela (Ella) and Leonardo (Leo), Noah

Famela (Ella) and Leonardo (Leo), Noah

Age: 9 and 12

Famela (Ella), Leonardo (Leo), Noah
Ages (9 and 12)
Ella is a happy girl who loves to dance. She is compassionate, easygoing and playful. She likes hip hop music. She enjoys playing outdoors and practicing cheers. She loves to style hair for family and friends.
Leo is a respectful young boy. He is active, friendly and socially active with his friends. He loves music and playing sports. Basketball and football are his favorites. He likes to work on cars and doesn’t mind mowing the lawn.
Noah is easy to talk to and will express his feelings easily. He is friendly and kind. He also like to dance and hip hop is his favorite. He enjoys art and likes to draw

Photo courtesy of Sarah Vorva

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