Javron and Lily Q

Javron and Lily Q

Age: 14 and 15

Javron & Lily Q. (14 & 15)
Javron is a young boy who is very kind and sweet to younger children. He loves pop and country music and likes playing in the band. He is active and loves football, wrestling, baseball, and fishing. He is artistic and enjoys woodworking. Javron is fond of his church youth group and his school’s Spanish club. He would love a vacation to Paris, France in the future. He’s planning on a military career.
Lilly is a very friendly and helpful girl with a great sense of humor. She is very smart and is taking violin lessons and learning Russian. Lily makes friends easily and is quite creative with art projects. She also has an interest in photography. Lily owns a rabbit and loves most animals. She also would like to vacation in Paris or London.

Photo courtesy of Judi Scattergood

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