Olivia W. (10) & Tony W. (11)

Olivia W. (10) & Tony W. (11)

Age: 10 and 11

Olivia and Tony are siblings who enjoy each other and are both animal lovers, even though they have very different interests.  Olivia thrives in school, and does well in her subjects, and is an avid reader.  She enjoys gymnastics and ballet.  Olivia is energetic and loves to sing and dance.  She is very fond of cooking.  She likes Ariana and Mal from the Descendants and would like to meet them one day.

Tony excels is almost everything he does, he is doing exceptionally well in school.  Tony enjoys electronics, reading and loves to tell jokes.  He enjoys all sports and excels in basketball and baseball.  He hopes to someday play professional basketball.  He is inspired by Kevin Durant and wishes he could meet him. He dreams of having a Lamborghini.

Photo courtesy of Mary Beth Ede

DHS Dante 2nd Session Olivia & Tony from Oklahoma Fosters on Vimeo.

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