How to Adopt or Become a Foster Parent

Every child deserves a family. When you adopt from the foster care system, you change a child’s life by providing the love, security and hope they so desperately need. The Waiting Child Heart Gallery works with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to help find adoptive families for our waiting children.

  1. Contact OKDHS: Prospective parents contact OKDHS to express interest. This can be done by completing the agency’s online form ( or by calling 1-800-376-9729.
  1. Prepare for Adoption: OKDHS guides prospective parents through the:
    • Adoption application
    • Required training/orientation
    • Assessment/home study process
    • Selection process to identify the child/sibling group who will join their family
  1. Welcome Home: Parents welcome the child/children into their home for a 6-12 month period of temporary legal custody.
  1. Make It Official! The adoption is finalized at a finalization hearing, typically one year later.